Selling Tips

  • De-Cluttering

“A potential buyer needs to imagine your home as their home”

Cleaning is a vital part of ensuring your property is ready for sale, however it is not the most important. De-Cluttering and removing personal items that makes the house look like it belongs to someone else id.

This means family photographs should be removed from the walls, kids toys should be removed from the hallways and any personal items should be stored away neatly in the cupboards.

It’s obviously not practical to totally empty your home, however a potential buyer needs to be able to imagine your home as their own, and they wont be able to do that if the walls are covered with pictures of people they don’t know.

It is a very powerful psychological trick that’s definitely worth the time and effort.


  • Giving yourself Time

Selling your home takes time and organisation. For example, when marketing your property, the weather is a major factor when taking photography and video’s. The copy of the advertisement needs to be precise and engaging, getting the right copy that will benefit your property takes time.

It is also unrealistic to go into the market expecting a full-price offer on the first weekend it is for sale. It is important to remember that some properties take a longer than others, ultimately, you can not sell a house that no one wants to buy which is why allowing sufficient time for the marketing is a key part of the sale.

  • Not letting enough people know

Shout it from the rooftops

To achieve the maximum sale price, it is essential to attract as many buyers as possible. This requires a marketing strategy that covers all areas including hard and soft marketing.

Properties are still being under-sold from a figure they could be achieving by the property not being presented to all the buyers in the market place.

  • Internet
  • Written media
    • Wentworth Courier
    • Sydney morning herald
    • DL’s
    • Brochures
  • Social Media
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest


  • First impressions count


As they walk up to the home, this is what we are looking for. A fresh coat of paint? A set of new blinds? Steam cleaning the carpet? If this is what you need to hear that “wow” we can work on it together to achieve this.

When selling, we want to leave an everlasting impression on each person that walks through the property, we want them to feel attached to the property when they leave. Having someone that is emotionally attached will increase the odds of achieving a higher price.